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[[MCTStyleGuide alloc] init]
04 Mar 2015 — Mobile

For my entire time at Planning Center we've never had an official style guide. Just lots of existing code to serve as our guide. Today, that all changed.

The Planning Center Objective-C Style Guide is our adaptation of the style guide. We started with this because it already closely resembled how we write Objective-C on a day-to-day basis.

One change we made is using 4 spaces instead of 2 for indentation. This follows Xcode's default setting and matches our current code base. We also changed the #pragma mark - syntax for code oganization to the new // MARK: -. This change allows us to use the same organization syntax for Objective-C and Swift.

Our guide includes a section on Class Prefixes and the custom LLVM Settings we use in our projects. The Class Prefixes section may not be as useful to you, but it can give you an idea about the abbreviations we use for our apps.

This document is not finalized. It will continue to grow and evolve as we continue to learn and improve our skills. We hope you will find this guide useful and welcome any feedback you may have for us.